Hayley Williams regrets not taking the counsel of veteran rockers

Hayley Williams recently acknowledged she ought to have listened to more experienced rock singers when they advised against headbanging during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The Paramore singer stated, holding up a t-shirt with her chiropractor’s X-rays on it: “We were always the youngest band on stage for the first ten years of our existence, and the older guys were always saying, ‘Oh, you’re going to regret headbanging like that. We responded, “Nah, you’re just very old.” Naturally, I kept head-bashing and inflicting whiplash on myself for a very long period. Hayley continued by recalling how she became aware of the neck issue: “And during our brief break, which was…

We desperately needed a vacation and wanted to take one just to relax and act normally at home. But one morning, I awoke. It’s time to pay the piper, I thought as I was unable to look to my left. She mentioned the following when Fallon enquired as to whether she had a neck issue: At this time, I am very knowledgeable about neck bones. My C5 and C6 cervical vertebrae were like they were dissolving, and I had what is known as military neck. I had headbutted my neck till the curve was gone. So it simply grew significantly in my life. Williams responded to the host’s question about if her neck bones had returned by saying: “Well, I’m always in significant physical therapy. I’m, like, on tour… I’m working on getting swole so my neck can support headbands.

The vocalist went on to say that she would continue headbanging since she couldn’t bear to consider stopping. The next Paramore concert is slated for November 8 in Auckland, New Zealand, kicking off a tour throughout New Zealand and Australia to close out the year after an appearance at the New Yorker Festival on October 6 in New York City. The complete discussion is available to view below.

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