Hayley Williams Discusses Surviving Criticism For Paramore’s Cancelled Shows

On Discord, Hayley Williams recently updated fans on her health and addressed the criticism she received regarding Paramore’s canceled gigs. The singer had previously claimed that she was suffering from a severe lung ailment, which caused Paramore to cancel their North American tour. Now, after a few weeks of rest, Williams provided one of her first health updates on August 28, saying: “We’ve been off the road for a few weeks, mostly in Los Angeles. We were fortunate to have some downtime, but we also worked hard. It was great to be back in the studio. More on it when we return to Nashville. I can’t believe I’m not coughing all day and night anymore. My stomach is still messed up from taking ten different medications. “I’m just relieved to be resting more.” The frontwoman then revealed what she’d been up to during her hiatus and why she opted to go away from social media: “When I was at my lowest, I couldn’t do much but sleep and lay about, so I watched all of ‘Yellowjackets,’ 3 or 4 documentaries, ‘They Cloned Tyrone,’ ‘A Good Person,’ [never sobbed or stared blankly across my living room longer after a movie was ended]… But primarily, I just scrolled on my phone to the point where it was, to put it mildly, filthy.

” Williams continued by hinting that Paramore was really determined to start afresh with different projects after disclosing she’d taken a break from the internet due to the ‘disgusting’ response to the canceled shows: “Now that the majority of our touring for the year is finished, I’m hoping to dive head first into developing some new routines.” Zac, Taylor, and I all want to get back to making something. That’s something we’ve been wanting for a long time. Not simply the creative process, but also the layers of insulation that can accompany it.” She concluded her remarks by expressing her desire to ‘find balance’ between her personal life and social media: “When we get into this mood, it usually feels wonderful to kind of fade away… Maybe this time I’ll be able to strike a balance between disappearing and remaining open to the world. But most likely not. Regardless of a social media [and] internet hiatus, there is still plenty of potential for us to be highly viewed and, much to my regret, misinterpreted.” Williams has previously faced flak for her opposition to Tennessee’s anti-trans legislation, claiming that she would not support ‘unfathomably destructive’ policies against the LGBTQ+ community. Then, after Paramore canceled gigs at the last minute, the singer’s team made it plain that it wasn’t owing to the band’s preferences, but to factors related to Williams’ health.

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