Hayley Williams Discusses Her Divorce From Chad Gilbert

Hayley Williams of Paramore recently spoke to Los Angeles Magazine about her 2017 divorce from New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert. The singer discussed how she healed from her divorce by focusing on her solo album ‘Petals For Armor’ and Paramore’s most recent album ‘This Is Why.’ Hayley had this to say about channeling her feelings into songs for her solo album, notably ‘Dead Horse’: “I was kind of bearing the weight of my divorce and needing some very intense therapy. I was home, and I was going through a lot, learning a lot about myself, and using that lens to see the world.” In a 2020 interview with Rolling Stone, the singer also shared that she felt guilty throughout her 20s about how her relationship with Gilbert started, considering the guitarist was married when they first met.

However, when it came to her divorce, Hayley shared that she did her healing via writing songs. on addition to expressing her experiences on her solo album, Williams told Los Angeles Magazine that her ‘anger’ found its way into the band’s most recent album, ‘This Is Why.’ She stated, “”I was at home, and I was going through a lot, learning a lot about myself and seeing the world through that lens.” This led to the creation of ‘This is Why’ with the lads and the realization of how much of my frustration and rage remained. However, as the album-writing process progressed, the rocker revealed that the epidemic helped her recognize certain truths about the world. Hayley added: “Now I feel it more in terms of how the world works — every single choice matters.” I became really disillusioned and despondent as a result of the fact that we as a global community went through so many major events and didn’t become any kinder to one another.”

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