Guy Pratt claims that Richard Wright ‘came back to life’ after Roger Waters left Pink Floyd

Guy Pratt recently recounted his time with Pink Floyd, playing on the 1994 album ‘The Division Bell,’ and provided VintageRock Pod an exclusive glimpse into how Richard Wright musically prospered after Roger Waters left the band. When the host inquired what Wright, known for his quiet disposition, was like in the studio, the post-Waters bassist began explaining his connection with his bandmates. Pratt didn’t have to think long when remembering his late friend and explained how Richard couldn’t spout ‘crap,’ stating:

“He was brilliant; he was incapable of nonsense, simply incapable of it.” He could only ever speak his truth, which might be both funny and awkward at times, but all he wanted to do was be on his boat.” Guy revealed how Wright flourished: “The rocker finally found the chance ‘to be on his boat’ while making ‘The Division Bell.” “He’d been bullied for twenty years by someone.” That was the nice aspect of that album. [It was] seeing this guy resurrect.”

Given Pink Floyd’s prolonged ‘feud’ with Roger Waters, it doesn’t take much to figure out who Pratt ‘said’ to intimidate Wright was none other than Waters, but Lee Harris had recently declared that the two bassists had no bad blood. Still, while remembering his friend and bandmate, Guy noted how Richard could only’speak his truth,’ which led to ‘funny and awkward’ situations, such as when the late rocker took a swipe at the Beatles and didn’t hold back while revealing why he thought the Fab Four were ‘childish.’

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