Gus G. is pessimistic about Ozzy Osbourne’s touring career

Gus G recently spoke with Rat Salad review about his time with Ozzy Osbourne’s band from 2009 until 2012. When asked if he still communicates with Ozzy, G replied: “Not at all. “Not by much.” Gus then stated that when Ozzy’s health deteriorated, he phoned Osbourne and his family: “I mean, I sent a couple of e-mails, like when I first heard he was hurt.” I merely sent him my best wishes; I e-mailed Sharon [Osbourne] and other people. But, certainly, I’m following up with them online, like the rest of the world, whenever he releases a health update.” Gus, who has known Ozzy for fourteen years, expressed his thoughts on the Prince of Darkness’ return to the stage: “I’m hoping he can get his life back on track.” I don’t think he’ll be able to tour on the same scale again, but he can do a number of great farewell gigs, at least a couple of one-offs. I believe he would appreciate it. And I believe he will, because he is known as the ‘iron man.’ “I don’t think you’ll be able to get him off stage that easily.” Ozzy said in July that he would be unable to attend the Power Trip Festival, which was scheduled to be his comeback show. He wrote in his statement: “My original plan was to return to the stage in the summer of 2024, so when the opportunity to do this show arose, I eagerly accepted.

” Unfortunately, my body is telling me that I’m not quite ready yet, and I’m far too proud to have my first show in nearly five years be a flop.” Due to various illnesses and the pandemic itself, Osbourne had to cancel his ‘No More Tours 2 Tour,’ and reschedule his performances in the UK and Ireland multiple times between 2019 and 2020. The first time he talked after announcing his departure from Power Trip, he noted his brutal treatment and showed his frustration: “I had blood clots in my legs; they put a filter in your artery to prevent blood clots from traveling to your heart and brain.” It sounds worse than it actually is. So I went to have it removed on Monday. Blood clots have clogged you all up. So they placed something down there in my neck, all the way down to my groin. It’s basically disappointment after disappointment after disappointment. Just finish this f*cking thing so I can get on with my life.” Gus G’s interview is available below.

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