Gunshots were “flying everywhere” as Rod Stewart recalled escaping a robbery

Recently, Rod Stewart recalled the moment he managed to escape a robbery in Buenos Aires. The musician posted an old interview with ITN about his gun-related incident with them on Tuesday. He posted the video on X (previously Twitter) and challenged his followers to identify the eatery where the ‘crazy incident’ took place. The rocker explains in the video: Police entered the scene brandishing a shotgun that had been sawn off, and the thieves were present with their weapons, neither of which was cocked. And while we were all huddled beneath the table, shots were flying all around. We were really fortunate to escape with our lives. One fan uploaded a Spanish-language article on the incident’s background. Some users called the restaurant “Parrilla La Candela,” which is no longer open. The musician reportedly visited the namesake eatery after traveling to Buenos Aires to support his team during the 1978 World Cup.

Before the police intervened to apprehend the robbers, the episode barely lasted a short while. But this wasn’t the first time the artist had been caught up in a robbery. Stewart’s sports automobile was stolen in 1982 when he was shopping at Holywood. In actuality, he was made to assist the robber in starting the vehicle. Following the incident, Stewart avoided speaking with the media, and the specifics were later made public.
You can see the clip below.

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