Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple considers his vocal talent to be a “gift from above”

Glenn Hughes recently spoke with the Classic Rock Podcast, describing his vocal powers as a “gift from above.” In response to a query regarding how he keeps his voice in good shape, the singer stated: “I am extremely grateful to have been given this gift.” I don’t think of it as my voice; I think of it as a gift from above. It’s something that has been freely given to me, so I take it out of this lovely little case and attach it to myself.” The former Deep Purple singer also explained his approach to vocal maintenance, saying: “I also look after myself. I lead a very healthy lifestyle. Every night, we do a massive number of warm-ups. The vocal cords department is really significant to me. I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my entire life. I haven’t taken a drink in three decades.” Glenn responded to the host’s question about whether his lack of smoking and alcohol helps by saying:

“Oh, and I really do look after the vocal cords, you know.” And it’s crucial for me to live in a joyful environment and to have this lifetime or lifetimes of stories to declare when I’m creating songs and singing them with an open heart.” With his dedication to voice care, it is no wonder that the singer has continued to tour widely. In his current tour, titled ‘Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live – Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Album ‘Burn,’ he performs ‘Burn’ by Deep Purple, as well as songs from the band’s ‘MKIII’ and ‘MKIV’ eras. The bassist has also announced a co-headlining tour in the United States with Yngwie Malmsteen in August and September. The guitarist will perform a set of his best songs, while Hughes will perform Deep Purple classics. The rest of the interview is available below.

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