Glenn Hughes cites the guitarist as Ritchie Blackmore’s superior

Glenn Hughes revealed his favorite guitarist, whom he admired more than Ritchie Blackmore, in a recent interview with Rockin’ Metal Revival. Hughes played with several guitarists throughout the course of his career, but he singled out one as the best he had ever worked with: “I want to make a statement now. I’ll provide you with a list of a few. Satriani, Bonamassa, Iommi, Blackmore, Pat Thrall, Brian May, Jerry Cantrell, and Warren Haynes were among the musicians I performed with. I could keep listing them. And Tommy Bolin and Mel Galley. I suppose I could go on. But my preferred… I urgently need you to promote this. We first collaborated in 1979; Gary Moore was the best; my dearest old friend.

Hughes then considered Moore’s depth of relationship and remembered their interactions: “People, please understand that Gary and I were close. We produced the record “Run For Cover.” Gary was incredible when I think back on our time together working together, playing in my studio, and sitting on my couch in my house writing music. Really, unbelievable. Again, all of the individuals I mentioned are legendary guitarists. I mean, I’ve played with them all, and it makes me incredibly proud. Bonamassa is currently… Joe is fantastic, I mean. Ritchie as well as Tony. Gary Moore, though… Hughes has already extolled Moore’s abilities. It’s important to note that he expressed the same opinion during an interview with Rock Candy magazine in 2019. He made favorable comparisons between Moore and other guitar greats like Vai and May, showing that Moore’s talent and artistry had a profound effect on him.

The effects of Moore went beyond Hughes. The admiration for Moore from other musicians has been acknowledged. Former Alice Cooper guitarist Orianthi cited Moore as having influenced her style in July 2023, highlighting in particular his contribution to the development of “blues metal.” It’s interesting to know that Metallica’s Kirk Hammett paid almost $1 million for Moore’s renowned “Greeny” guitar in 2014. This article contains that story. Moore reportedly had a heart attack before passing suddenly on February 6, 2011. While Hughes is now on tour, the opposite is true. Buy your tickets right here. The rest of the interview is available to listen to below.

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