Gilby Clarke promises to defend Axl Rose until the end of his life

Gilby Clarke recently spoke with Mike Z on Zoom about his new album ‘The Gospel Truth’ and his Guns N’ Roses shows from the 1990s. One segment of the interview focused on the 1992 incident that occurred following the band’s concert in Montreal. During that event, Clarke revealed facts about Axl Rose’s on-stage technical issues: “You know, I gotta tell you, I’ll defend Axl until the end of time about that show because I’ll never forget when we went on, there were a lot of problems, and I remember him coming up to me all the time.” If you ever watch the video, he kept come up to me and asking, ‘How you doing?’ ‘I can’t hear anything,’ I say. I can hear my backline amp but not you. ‘I’m not hearing Matt [Sorum].’ ‘I’m having the same problems since I can’t hear anything,’ he says.

He defended his ex-bandmate, saying: “So he continued to try to play a couple of songs, and it was only getting worse.” It was not improving. So, as I already stated, I will support him till the end. It wasn’t Axl acting like Axl. It was a conscious decision, ‘Oh, dude! This show is terrible, and we should probably restart it.’ And, as I already stated, there is one aspect of the show that I will never forget.” Rose reportedly experienced vocal problems during Metallica’s 1992 stadium tour and had to cancel a few performances before entering the stage in Montreal, as he recalled in an interview with MTV: Following Guns N’ Roses’ decision to terminate their play early due to technical difficulties and the vocalist’s sore throat, a riot broke out among the audience. The incident caused significant damage and resulted in the band’s lifetime ban from the city’s Olympic Stadium.

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