Germany has decided to drop its investigation into Rammstein’s Till Lindemann

According to Deutsche Welle, Germany has suspended its investigation into Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann after many drugging and sexual assault allegations were brought against him earlier this year. Shelby Lynn, a woman, launched a series of claims against Rammstein on Reddit and Twitter (now X) in May. She claimed that their tour manager Aleena Makeeva invited her to watch the band’s show in Vilnius, Lithuania on May 23 from the front row, and that another member of the band’s crew invited her and the other people in the front row to parties before and after the concert. Shelby claimed she only had two beers at the pre-party but felt more inebriated than normal the remainder of the night. She also claimed in her writings that she was invited to meet Lindemann secretly in a chamber beneath the stage during a concert interlude. She consented to meet with the artist, but claimed that when she told him she didn’t want to have sexual relations with him, he grew angry. While she repeatedly stated that she had not been sexually attacked by anyone during the night, she uploaded images of injuries she allegedly woke up with the next day and stated that she felt unusually sick for the amount of alcohol she remembered drinking. She stated that she took a drug test in her hotel room and that the results were negative for narcotics.

More allegations reportedly surfaced online against the singer after Shelby’s post went viral, and as a result, his book publisher Kiepenheuer & Witsch dropped him, and officials in Berlin stated in mid-June that the singer was under investigation “on allegations relating to sexual offenses and the distribution of narcotics” [via Barron’s]. Lindemann’s counsel issued a statement about the probe today (Aug. 29). According to the statement, a YouTuber named Kayla Shyx posted videos concerning Shelby’s allegations in early June, and three other people later filed criminal charges against Lindemann in Berlin [translated through Google Translate]. “What all of the complainants have in common is that their criminal complaints were not based on their own experiences, but solely on statements made by Shelby Lynn, Kayla Shyx, and subsequent media reports,” the statement added. According to the statement, the Berlin public prosecutor’s office started a preliminary inquiry into the frontman’s charges, but it has now been discontinued “due to insufficient suspicion of a crime.” They also observed that the public prosecutor’s office in Vilnius had halted their own inquiry into the matter. Lindemann was represented in court by Prof. Dr. Björn Gercke and Pantea Farahzadi from Cologne, Germany.

“The prompt termination of the preliminary proceedings against my client demonstrates that the public prosecutor’s office’s investigations did not uncover any evidence or circumstantial evidence to charge my client with sexual offenses.” “The allegations were simply false,” Gercke stated in a statement. Rammstein has since tweeted a link to a article confirming the investigation’s conclusion in a social media post with the title, “Preliminary proceedings against Rammstein singer set.” According to the article, Shelby’s injuries were insufficient to draw judgments about what caused them, and she didn’t offer evidence that she underwent a drug test [translated via Google Translate]. According to the report, YouTuber Kayla Shyx “remained too vague in the interrogations — especially given that the witness was unable to describe her own experience with criminally relevant incidents.” “Other witnesses are said to have either not observed anything relevant under criminal law or were not named in a sufficiently identifiable manner and could not be identified through further police investigations.” As a result, direct questioning was not possible.” Furthermore, the story stated that accusations were made against Makeeva for allegedly introducing women backstage at Rammstein concerts, but the charges were dismissed because “there were also no indications of criminally relevant behavior.” Lindemann has recently said on his Instagram story, “I would like to thank everyone who waited impartially for the investigation to end.”

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