Gene Simmons of KISS was the most disappointed

Gene Simmons sits down for an interview with the Evening Standard during KISS’ ‘End Of The Road World Tour’ in 2018-2019. He did not reveal the topic of the last gigs, but he did say that the band ‘ramped things right up’ for the tour. Then he commented on the performances of other bands, notably The Byrds: “When I was a youngster, bands would frequently disappoint me live. When I saw The Byrds, I thought to myself, ‘I really like that song, but maybe I could close my eyes and appreciate it even more.’ Onstage, there was nothing going on. “All they were doing was standing in front of their microphones.” In comparison to other artists, the singer said of KISS’ stage dynamics: “We’ve always wanted to be the band that we never got to see perform.” Working our tails off to give the fans the most bang for their cash. Ed Sheeran is incredible and can sell out Wembley Stadium with just a guitar. But I’m not going to do it.

I have an excess of energy within me. “I’d like to blow up the sky.” Almost all of the band’s live shows have included complex costumes, pyrotechnics, and fireworks over the years. With that in mind, Simmons once stated that KISS concerts inspired numerous artists, including Paul McCartney. During an interview with Classic Rock, he noted that his band’s gigs provided people with what they needed in terms of entertainment. “There’s nothing negative about it; we don’t do political commentary.” There are enough problems in the world without males who wear more makeup and heels than your mother waxing poetic and prolific on a variety of topics. They ought not to. We make you forget about the traffic jam and the argument you had with your partner, and just’magic time’ — ‘electric church.'” KISS’ final year of touring is planned to be 2023, especially since their tour was canceled a few years ago owing to the pandemic and health difficulties. But the band’s frontman did not call it quits after this year’s shows. In another interview, Simmons hinted at new gigs with the Gene Simmons Band that will require ‘less work’ in the future. He also said that he and Gary Hamilton would collaborate to make 25 films over the next five years. The first installment of the planned project is now under construction. Renny Harlin will direct the film ‘Deep Water.’

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