Geddy Lee’s Astonishing Selection for Rush’s Most Outstanding Work

With a vast career brimming with musical gems, Rush is well-known for having something unique for every fan. While many may have their personal preferences and the band’s most well-researched work, Geddy Lee has an unexpected choice of his own. In 2022, the bassist talked about his best Rush moments in an interview with Classic Rock. Following their discussion of their collaboration with producer Nick Raskulinecz on “Snakes & Arrows,” he stated: “I think the two most rewarding recording experiences we’d ever had were Snakes & Arrows and Clockwork Angels.” For the band, it was the happiest time since “Permanent Waves” (1980). Lee went on to explain why “Clockwork Angels” was such a noteworthy record for him. “The other night, Al [Lifeson, guitar] and I were just talking about how this was the best writing collaboration we’d had since we were kids, based on our personal chemistry.” It’s arguably the most accomplished song we’ve ever written, in my opinion as songwriters. The performer was in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2019 to promote “Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book Of Bass” at a book signing event. When a fan inquired about his favorite Rush album during a Q&A, he replied, “Clockwork Angels.

” He then discussed his decision to select that album, stating: For many reasons, I hold the album in high regard, but above all, I believe we imparted a wealth of knowledge gained over 40 years of producing both excellent and dubious records. The timing of the music’s maturation seemed appropriate. In all of the tunes, I played the jazz bass. Choosing only one album from our catalog is difficult, but that particular one holds special meaning for me. Neil Peart’s buddy Kevin J. Anderson declared in 2012 that he will publish a book based on “Clockwork Angels.” According to him, the tale follows a young guy as he travels through a world of chaos and order that is home to pirates, alchemy, steampunk, and a rigorous Watchmaker. The book was first published on September 4, 2012. It was followed in 2018 by a graphic novel and a companion book titled “Clockwork Lives” on September 15, 2015. Rush also released a live album and film titled “Clockwork Angels Tour.” It records their performances from November 2012 events in Phoenix, Dallas, and San Antonio. The RIAA certified the DVD release as Platinum on May 14, 2014.

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