Four Point Peace Plan by Roger Waters

Roger Waters recently detailed the peace plan he had developed to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ‘for once and all.’ The Pink Floyd rocker opened up about the four-point plan in a YouTube video, saying: “Here’s my suggestion of what should be done. It’s only an opinion, [but], this is what should be done. One: there must be an immediate and permanent ceasefire. No killing by anyone. Hamas and the IDF [Israel Defense Forces] included. So, what next? How to prevent future bloodshed.” He then revealed the second stage of his four-point strategy:

Two: Have a one-state solution to this entire horrific issue worked out over a large table. one founded on universal human rights protected by treaties. a brand-new state where everyone has access to the same human rights, regardless of their race, religion, or previous country of citizenship. This new state would be a true democracy—I’ve put that in italics—in every sense of the word.

After completing the first two parts of his plan, Waters added and clarified what the “one-state” government should do: “Three: My suspicion is that the constitution of this new state would need to include provisions for truth and reconciliation hearings, similar to what was done in South Africa after apartheid.” The bassist also addressed Israel’s status in relation to the Syrian Golan Heights, saying: Four: A related matter. The Golan Heights are obviously not included in this. They belong in Syria, where they are a component of… That is the dream, then. See Waters’ complete video down below.

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