For the First Time Ever, Sammy Hagar Sings “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd

For the first time, Sammy Hagar sang Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” at Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding 2023 performance. On December 9, the Red Rocker took the world by surprise when she performed a cover of “Comfortably Numb” with Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson. On the song, he played guitar and sang. Afterwards, Hagar posted a video of his performance to Instagram with the caption: I played that solo on one of my all-time favorite songs for the first time last night. Nancy Wilson, I appreciate you letting me join in and providing those lovely harmonies.

Hinting At The Duet With Nancy Wilson
The vocalist moved seamlessly into his own performance once Wilson left. Hagar had shared a picture of herself on Instagram, hinting about his performance with Nancy. In the caption, he penned: It’s always a delight to get out with Nancy Wilson, the rock queen, my longtime friend. I’ve just completed practicing our Christmas Pudding duet for the Alice Cooper charity event.

Making Up For Last Year’s Absence
Hagar was supposed to perform at the Christmas Pudding the previous year, but he was forced to cancel on the day of the event because of the flu. Popular songs including “There’s Only One Way to Rock,” “I’ll Fall in Love Again,” and “Finish What Ya Started” by Van Halen were sung by the vocalist, who engaged the audience in a call-and-response format. A spirited group singing of “I Can’t Drive 55” concluded the program. Hagar also apologized for skipping the occasion the year before.

Special Guests And Performances At The Event
Quiet Riot, Tommy DeCarlo from Boston, and Nashville cover band Sixwire, who provided backing for visitors without their own bands, were among the special guests at this year’s event. At eleven p.m., Alice Cooper arrived on stage, looking dapper in trousers, a black ruffled shirt, leather gloves, and a crimson dinner jacket. He led Sixwire in an electrifying performance that featured his early 1970s classics, including “Under My Wheels,” “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” “Be My Lover,” and “I’m Eighteen.” He also performed a new song, “Lost in America,” off his album “The Last Temptation,” released in 1994. You can view the performance here and check out his Instagram post here.

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