For Dee Snider to accept the end of KISS, she must see Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley in coffins

In a recent interview with Canada’s The Metal Voice, Dee Snider of Twisted Sister expressed his skepticism on the finality of KISS’s “End Of The Road” tour. The singer said that he has been a fan of the group since the beginning. However, I’m not sure how to take the farewell tour concept. “Well, do you think it’s for real?” is what some people ask. “This is what I know: I’ll know they’re done when I see the bodies in the KISS coffins,” I said. They’ve finished. I’ll remark, “Good work,” while they’re lying there in the coffins. Well done.

KISS’s Upcoming Stage As Avatars. On December 2, the “End Of The Road” tour came to an end with its last show at Madison Square Garden in New York City. After the show, the band revealed their intention to carry on as digital avatars, to which Snider responded as follows: “Oh my gosh. Who knows what people will pay to see, these people? They are spending money to see [an accused] pedophile who looks like Michael Jackson. The show “One” in Las Vegas is still a hologram, and they perform all of his classics. It has also been operational for many years. Who knows, then? Perhaps, perhaps.

The Virtual KISS Explanation from Simmons and Stanley. During the band’s new phase, KISS members worked with Pophouse Entertainment, and at a recent roundtable discussion, they discussed their future as avatars. In the discussion, Stanley clarified: “Although we’ve made incredible progress, it’s not enough. Since the band is bigger than ourselves, it deserves to continue. We’re excited to see KISS become immortalized and take the next step. After all, we’ve been working on it for fifty years.

Simmons continued, saying: “By taking us to places we’ve never dreamed of before, we can be forever young and iconic.” Paul will be able to jump higher than he has ever done thanks to technology. Responses From Rock Fans. Social media users have responded to this move in a variety of ways. The band didn’t “seem to know when they’ve overstayed their welcome,” according to several fans. As another Facebook user stated:

“The ability to know when to give up is a skill. The men are elderly. I appreciate everything you’ve done for music and entertainment, but now it’s over. Go home and live your life to the fullest. Someone stated, referring to the audience: “People deserve what they get if they actually pay to watch virtual KISS,” View the interview with Dee Snider below, and read what fans have to say about KISS’s “new era” here.

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