Following the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Redux, Roger Waters Explains the Meaning of “Breathe”

Dark Side of the Moon, the band’s seminal 1974 record, was reissued earlier this month by divisive former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters. Waters stated that he hopes to restore the original messages of the songs he helped write back in the day for the project, which sees him perform all 10 of the songs from the original edition. “The new concept is meant to reflect on the meaning of the work, to bring out the heart and soul of the album, musically and spiritually,” he stated in an interview with the German daily Berline earlier this year. There are no rock and roll guitar solos on these new albums, and I’m the only one singing my songs.

In order to further this goal, on October 10 Waters uploaded a “track by track” analysis of the Dark Side of the Moon Redux songs to YouTube. In this explanation, he goes into great detail about the inspiration for each album track. Additionally, when discussing “Breathe,” the second track on the album, he went into great detail about babies. “The song ‘Breathe’ follows ‘Speak to Me.’ You know, you’re the worst little [baby] when you’re born, he added in the interview-style video. “Don’t get me wrong, they’re not all terrible. A baby is perfect and has no defects. However, they are demanding. But that is irrelevant at this point.

“There they are, asking, ‘Mmmm, who’s that?’ Your mother is that. ‘Ah. Why am I here, exactly? They were in the womb when it all began, which is when we entered the picture, of course. What do you hear when you are an embryo for the first time? “Bu-bum,” “bu-bum,” “bu-bum,” Mother’s heartbeat is audible. Your first experience is that. And you hopefully feel secure, cozy, and surrounded by wonderful things. And then you’re there, pfft. What do you do after you inhale for the first time? You convey your sentiments regarding the fact that you are no longer in the location where you started. Therefore, the first actual song, “Breathe,” is a warning to the newborn from me, the 79-year-old old guy, that it’s crucial to understand [that] as far as we know, you only get one try at this since this is a live business.

After giving a lengthy summary, Waters then went off on a tangent about mortality before discussing how inspiring speakers and “self-help gurus” are fake. In an attempt to deter individuals from using “life-denying” language, Waters pointed squarely at renowned motivational speaker Tony Robbins. Red flag!” Red alert! He advised not to pay attention to all of those self-help gurus. What was the name of that asshole? Tony a person. I can make out his face. You’ve got it, Tony Robbins! He’s tall, upright, and appears to have worked out frequently. elucidating to us how we might succeed. Naturally, it is all nonsense. It does not at all assist you. It does not promote life. It deprives life. to believe any of that nonsense. Tony, in my opinion.”

In the end, it appears like Waters is attempting to consider the most sacred aspects of existence as well as the numerous paths that people can choose after birth, just like “Breathe” does. Check out his track-by-track Dark Side of the Moon Redux video below for more information if you’re curious.

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