Fans believe David Ellefson is “cheating” on Dave Mustaine as he attends a Metallica concert

The Metallica concert that Megadeth bassist David Ellefson attended was not well received by the band’s supporters. Ellefson attended a Metallica concert to celebrate his birthday.

The rock star, who turns 59 on November 12, has been invited to the same day Metallica event as a birthday celebration. Ellefson posted a couple of his day’s photos, one of which included him alongside Lars Ulrich. The bassist posted the following as a message to his friends: “My sincere gratitude to Lars Ulrich and the Metallica crew for providing me with the amazing birthday celebration of All Access passes in Detroit. What a wonderful way to spend my birthday with old friends and amazing music!” He didn’t overlook acknowledging the birthday greetings from the fans: I also want to express my gratitude to everyone for their wonderful birthday greetings. I appreciate you commemorating another orbit of the sun.

Fans believed it to be “cheating.” While some Metallica fans were not present, the bassist was delighted to spend his birthday at the event. While some expressed joy at the reunion, others accused him of betraying his wife and returning to his former partner. Someone posted: Like when your wife gets divorced and you start posting pictures of yourself with your new girlfriend. A other user brought up Dave Mustaine and stated: “It’s hilarious that you go out of your way to annoy Dave.” Another penned. “Lol, I’m cheating on you with your ex.”

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