Ex-Mötley Crüe member explains that Nikki Sixx most likely uses backing tracks

Nikki Sixx may be using backing tracks while chatting with Cassius Morris, according to John Corabi. Following a discussion of Mick Mars’ recent disagreement with Mötley Crüe, the host questioned Corabi if Sixx was using backing tracks. The singer responded, saying: “Yeah, I mean, recording on Pro Tools nowadays [is simple].” If you said to me, for example, because I just published a couple of songs, ‘Hey, can you just give me the rhythm guitar track?’ I could really go online, highlight that music, and email it to you.”

He went on to clarify: “As far as drums or any of that stuff nowadays with computers and all that sh*t, it’s possible.” Is it taking place? I’m not sure. I haven’t toured with Mötley for at least 27-28 years.” When the host questioned if Mötley used backing tracks while touring with Corabi, the rocker had a confession to make: “We used tracks. Right now, I’ll claim that we used; nevertheless, we were using some backup vocal tracks that we used for the song ‘Misunderstood.’ On that tune, there was a 53-piece orchestra. We just used the orchestra tracks to supplement what we were performing on stage. Then Nikki was playing bass, Tommy was on drums, Mick was on guitar, and I was on guitar and singing.”

Carmine Appice backed up Mick Mars’ statements regarding Sixx’s live bass playing, which fueled the ‘backing tracks’ debate. The Mötley Crüe bassist responded by dismissing these reports while also confirming that he had taken bass lessons to improve his performances. You can watch the entire conversation down below.

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