Ex-Megadeth guitarist explains the biggest difference between Freddie Mercury and Paul Stanley’s lipsyncing

Former Megadeth guitarist Jeff Young recently spoke about pre-recorded tracks and the similarities and differences between Queen leader Freddie Mercury and KISS frontman Paul Stanley. In a video for Syncin’ Stanley, the guitarist read a question about bands like KISS and W.A.S.P. being caught lip-syncing. Young responded by comparing Stanley’s lip-syncing to Mercury’s. He stated: “I’m not a big fan – not at all. Perhaps if you need it for some unnecessary orchestral pieces or a large chorus. Consider Queen performing Bohemian Rhapsody live on the News Of The World tour. They’d leave the stage during the middle section to let a tape roll, then return for the rockiest rock ‘n roll ending. That’s how you do things.” Young also stated what he does not consider to be ‘artistry.’ He went on to say:

“But if you’re getting out there Milli Vanilli-style and lip-syncing your vocal, I don’t consider that artistry; it’s a little more akin to ‘con artistry.” KISS vocalist Gene Simmons has been accused of lip-syncing during a gig in Antwerp, Belgium last June. Fans noted that the vocal track was playing while the frontman was not at the microphone, raising the possibility of lip-syncing. However, Stanley’s manager, Doc McGhee, stated that while the lead singer sings live during shows, background recordings are used to enhance the entire experience for the audience. Check out Young’s video below.

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