Eric Clapton’s Disrespect For His Wife Is Revealed By Neal Schon

Neal Schon just took to Instagram to share a couple clips from his recent concert in Las Vegas with Carlos Santana. However, the rocker has informed fans that he will no longer be performing at the Eric Clapton Crossroads Festival. Schon began by thanking Carlos and writing: “Last night in Vegas, [we] had a terrific time hanging out and playing with Carlos and Cindy Santana. Thank you to everyone else in the band and crew.” Neal then explained why he had to cancel his participation at the festival. Clapton’s personnel treated him disrespectfully, according to the guitarist. He elaborated: “It’s a shame things didn’t work out. I’ve now backed out of the EC Crossroads festival. Carlos first invited me to play with him. In preparation for the festival, I went to Vegas and practiced and performed live on Wednesday. The next day, Carlos’ manager, Michael V, informed me that Eric’s staff had created a rule that my wife [Michaele Schon] could not come backstage with me and would have to be in the audience.

” The musician went on to say that he would not make an exception for the festival by bringing Michaele back on stage. He stated, ” “After she was assaulted and basically targeted by a Live Nation security guard, I would never subject her to harm again.” She’s been by my side for every single show for the past 15 years, therefore I’m unable to attend.” Schon further stated that he has done all possible to be a part of the festival, saying: “This is the second time I’ve been f*cked to see Eric since he played at my ex-manager’s place, the Forum, in LA.” We would have been thrilled and delighted to contribute my time as well as an instrument to auction off. Just know that I attempted Eric.

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