Elvis Presley’s “Love Me” song’s author claimed the song is “masochistic”

Elvis Presley’s “Love Me” has a masochistic vibe, claims one of its creators. At initially, it was intended as a joke. One of its authors claims that Elvis Presley’s “Love Me” has a masochistic vibe. The song is sincere, yet at originally it was meant to be a joke. Additionally, it was intended to imitate a certain act from the era of country music. Love Me by Elvis Presley was written by the same people who wrote Hound Dog and Jailhouse Rock. Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller collaborated to write a number of Elvis Presley singles, including “Bossa Nova Baby,” “Hound Dog,” and “Jailhouse Rock.” In a 2020 interview with Elvis Australia, Stoller talked about how Elvis came to write the song “Love Me.” He contrasted Willie & Ruth’s original song with Elvis’ rendition of it. The lyrics are the same, but Willie & Ruth were a duo that sung in unison, he recalled. Piano triplets were on their album. Although it was a strong performance, Elvis’ is a truly unique one. The strange thing is that despite Elvis’ rendition of “Love Me” becoming a tremendous hit on the charts, it was never made available as a single. It was a section of an EP.

“Love Me” was initially intended to be satirical. To be completely honest, when we first started writing “Love Me,” we thought of it as a takeoff, similar to a Homer and Jethro episode, he added. It has a lot of lyrics that are masochistic. To put things in perspective, Homer and Jethro were a parody country music band. The song could have been a joke, according to Stoller, but Elvis sang it genuinely.

Love song ‘Love Me’ works so much better than humorous song Elvis’ thoughts on “Love Me” were disclosed by Stoller in an interview with Variety from 2022. “We had recorded it with a Black duo, who were out of a gospel group, that we got to do a secular song — we called ’em Willy & Ruth on our own little Spark Records label that we had with Lester Sill,” he remembered. “I believe we sent [Presley] that, and he loved it.” Although “Love Me” was meant to be a satire, its sincerity is what made it so excellent. Elvis may have played this song in a lighthearted manner, similar to how he did with novelty songs like “Do the Clam.” He plays “Love Me” completely straight despite this.

Why this song is one of Elvis Presley’s best and underappreciated compositions Strangely, “Love Me” is one of Elvis’ most intimate-sounding songs despite the fact that he chose to play it as a clear anthem of masochism. Sweet love ballads, songs about sex, and songs about dancing are among the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s most popular songs. One of his few songs with darker lyrics is “Love Me”. It’s heartbreakingly vulnerable of him to insist that a woman should love him despite how poorly she treats him. Every great musician makes music that is purely for entertainment purposes. However, in order to engage fans, a performer must put forth music that sounds frank and open. The kind of song “Love Me” is exactly what helped to humanize Elvis. Elvis Presley’s “Love Me” is among his best songs, while not being one of his most well-known.

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