Elton John Identifies the One and Only Man Thriving in a Female-Dominated Rock Scene

Elton John spoke on Music Week to discuss the new performers who have piqued his interest. During the conversation, the singer discussed how he discovered and was captivated by this new music. John called the new music a “surprise” and highlighted his current favorite bands and musicians, which included many newer and younger names on the scene. Except for one young musician, he asserted that ‘none of the lads are creating the best music,’ naming all-female ensembles. He revealed the musician’s name and stated: “It’s amazing to see the Nova Twins, Wet Leg, Let’s Eat Grandma, and all these other girls making great music.” Except for Sam Fender, none of the lads are doing it; only the girls are.” John then explained why he enjoys listening to the music of the younger generation more. He went on to say: “It’s such a breath of fresh air because it comes from innocence and pure joy, and for me, that’s what music is about, when you get people in a young stage of their career who are just doing what they love, it’s so beautiful.

” It is clear that John began to listen to newer music. In another interview, he discussed recent musical trends. Nova Twins, as the singer called them, ‘rocked his world.’ Sam Fender also spoke about Elton John, revealing that he guided him through some of his most difficult periods since his music career took off. Fender also said that he turned down John’s request to collaborate with him, citing that he wanted to focus on the task at hand. They even collaborated on a performance. Fender and John performed together at John’s post-Oscars celebration in 2020. The performance is captured in the short video below.

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