Ed Sheeran Explains Why He Won’t Perform at the Super Bowl Unless He’s ‘Joining Someone Else’

The singer-songwriter claims he has no plans to perform on the coveted Halftime stage right now. You might want to reconsider your wager on Ed Sheeran as the next Super Bowl Halftime performer. The singer-songwriter, 32, stated that he is not interested in taking on the coveted performance and what many perceive to be a career milestone at the moment. He discussed the prospect with Andy Cohen on SiriusXM’s Deep & Shallow Podcast before of a special performance in New York. “I think the only way I’d do it is if I was joining someone else,” the “Shape of You” singer stated. Sheeran went on to say that he believes the performance is “an American thing” and that his more stripped-down style would not work on the NFL stage.

“I don’t have pizzazz,” he admitted, comparing his live presentation to that of other great Halftime performers such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Beyoncé. “Like all of these incredible performers, I’m just not that.” I’m not going to have any dancers on stage. I’m not going to have fireworks and so on.” “I just can’t, that’s not me,” he said. “I don’t think anyone wants to see me play in the Super Bowl.” He joked that he “could wear sparkles for it,” but added, “I think I would do it as a guest.”

The “Perfect” singer also revealed that he was previously approached to perform at a recent Halftime performance. He revealed that for Super Bowl 50 in 2016, which included Coldplay, Beyoncé, and Bruno Mars, he considered joining the British band to perform his song “Thinking Out Loud.” He also provided an update on the rerecording of one of his collaborations with Taylor Swift on the program. “No, I haven’t,” Cohen answered when asked if he had already recorded a new version of “End Game,” his song with the pop diva and rapper Future on her 2017 album Reputation. No. No. However, 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is the next one to be released. That’s the one after that.” The “Bad Habits” singer is currently on his + – = x (“Mathematics”) Tour, which has taken him to locales as diverse as the Lego Store in Minnesota and behind the counter at Chicago hotdog shop The Wieners Circle.

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