Dwayne Johnson Was Accused of Cheating Once (But No One Really Noticed)

Dwayne Johnson has remained silent, but a purported fling has accused him of cheating on Dany Garcia on multiple occasions. Dwayne Johnson may be open about his problematic relationship with Vin Diesel, but Hollywood’s highest-paid actor prefers to keep his other connections, particularly those with the ladies in his life, secret. However, a woman from Johnson’s past came forward only a few years ago. She also claimed to have had sexual intercourse with the Black Adam actor while he was married. Dwayne Johnson is a married man who has been married twice. Johnson met his first love at the University of Miami, long before he became famous in Hollywood. He and Dany Garcia were both collegiate athletes at the time, and they quickly became friends because they shared a passion for bodybuilding and strength training. They were inseparable after that. The two eventually married in May 1997. In 2001, they welcomed a daughter. At the same time, Johnson was steadily transitioning from WWE superstar to Hollywood actor. Unfortunately, his marriage began to fall apart as well. Johnson and Garcia announced their separation in June 2007. While their divorce was formalized less than a year later, the former couple swiftly formed a new collaboration, with Garcia taking over as the actor’s manager.

The ex-executives have since become business partners. Johnson began dating music producer and performer Lauren Hashian months after they announced their divorce. They met on the set of Johnson’s comedy The Game Plan. Johnson and Hashian have been married since then and had two daughters together. In 2019, the happy pair married in a wedding ceremony in Hawaii. While Johnson’s marriages to his wives and ex-wives remain intact, another woman claims to have had an affair with the actor during his first marriage. Dwayne allegedly cheated on Dany Garcia, according to Robbin Young. While Johnson and Garcia have always stated their divorce was amicable, one actress claims Johnson slept on his ex-wife while they were still married. Robbin Young came on Twitter (now rebranded X) in December 2018, claiming to have been acquainted with the Jumanji actor in the early 2000s. Young claims she first met Johnson in 2004 at the Tabu Lounge at MGM Las Vegas. Young stated that after a lengthy talk, the star invited her up to his suit at Mandalay Bay. She also claimed that their purported “affair” began that night, and that she has audio records proving her intimate relationships with the actor. Young reiterated her assertions the following year, in August 2019. After it was reported that Johnson and Hashian had recently married, she took to Twitter once more to express her hope that Johnson would not cheat on Hashian like he did on Garcia. Although Young appears to have removed that tweet, her contact with other users regarding the message remains. Among these is a comment from a user who described Young as “bitter” at not being selected by Johnson. In response, Young denied having a grudge against the actor while also revealing some personal facts about her time with Johnson.

She also said that she had no idea Johnson was married when they met, adding, “He should have told me so I could decide if I wanted to commit adultery.” What Is Robbin Young’s Current Situation? Young was an actress in the 1970s and 1980s, best known for her roles in the comedy Thieves and Robbers and Night Shift. Young also appeared in the TV show The Fall Guy in a minor part. Simultaneously, the actress had a brief role in director John Glen’s James Bond film, For Your Eyes Only, starring Roger Moore as 007. Now, most Bond girls go through a rigorous audition process, but Young landed her role as the “Girl in Flower Shop” after winning Playboy’s Search For a James Bond Girl. The prize was a speaking role in Moore’s film. Young also appeared in a Playboy pictorial for the film. She went on to appear in several other Playboy advertisements over the years. Young hasn’t been onscreen since the early 1980s, but she has stayed active on social media over the years, occasionally indulging in online relationships. It was reported just months before Young made her claims regarding Johnson that she had an online affair with a man known as Guccifer 2.0. The user was discovered to be a Russian agent who attempted to tamper with the 2016 US elections by hacking the Democratic Party. While the now-deleted Twitter account was later traced to 12 Russian spies, Young insists that she only had an affair with one of the group’s Romanian men, even telling The Sun that the hacker was “such a gentleman.” Young is still active on X, where she recently announced the launch of an AI version of herself. She’s also lately hinted about a future project that appears to be tied to Playboy. Johnson, on the other hand, is working on many projects, including a sequel to Red Notice, San Andreas, and Jungle Cruise. He is also slated to appear in the sequel to Fast X. Johnson has also never responded on Young’s assertions to this day.

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