Duff McKagan Responds To Bob Dylan’s Warm Appreciation

Unable to ignore Bob Dylan’s words of admiration, Duff McKagan recently discussed this topic in an interview with Classic Rock magazine, saying: I began receiving texts from my pals. Rose said to Axl, “Hey dude, have you seen this?” I was quite taken aback because Robert Dylan? It was wonderful that he acknowledged me as a songwriter even if I don’t know him. I’m still a little in shock.

After stating that he sent an open letter to Bob Dylan, McKagan went on to say the following while still in shock and strong emotions: “I sent him a handwritten card that said, ‘Thank you very much for your nice remarks, here’s my record,’ along with a deluxe edition of Tenderness. And if you two ever want to collaborate on songwriting. Bob Dylan Made A Remark About “Chip Away”. In a 2022 interview with the Wall Street Journal, Bob Dylan discussed several of his favorite bands and songs. These featured “Chip Away” by McKagan, Royal Blood, The Chemical Brothers, and The White Stripes. Regarding the track “Chip Away,” which was featured on McKagan’s 2019 album “Tenderness,” Dylan had the following to say:

“The song ‘Chip Away’ by Duff McKagan holds great significance for me. The song is explicit. Like Michelangelo, chip away at the solid marble stone until you find the shape of King David within. He chiseled away at the stone until he found the king, rather than building him from the ground up. Dylan went on to laud the song after saying he recognized himself in it: It’s similar to how I make songs; I overwrite at first, then remove lines and phrases till I get the true version. That record was created by Shooter Jennings. That music is fantastic. “Lighthouse” Doesn’t Have Any Dylan Collaboration, But There Are Other Stars.

For example, McKagan’s solo project “Lighthouse” does not have the anticipated Bob Dylan duet. Still, other stars’ names are on the record. Among them are guitarist Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains, Iggy Pop, and Slash, the bandmate of Guns N’ Roses. However, McKagan noted in the interview that he and guitarist Cantrell of Alice in Chains could work on a collaborative album. “In 1990, I got up and performed at The Palladium in Hollywood during Alice in Chains’ performance. The band and I spent the next three or four days hanging out at my house. That started a very wonderful friendship that has endured through many highs and lows, but we both emerged from it fairly strong. We’re discussing recording an album together in the future. Rock fans are anticipating a potential collaboration between Bob Dylan and Duff McKagan.

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