Duff McKagan of GN’R and Susan Holmes Share The Secret To A Strong Marriage

Duff McKagan, bassist for Guns N’ Roses, spoke out to his wife, Susan Holmes, about his life and marriage. During a recent interview with Sunday World, the bassist and the model confirmed that their relationship grew stronger, and that the effect of Covid lockdowns helped them bond even more. McKagan stated: “We realized we were perfect for each other.” We hear about other couples whose marriages failed. How does that sound? It bolstered ours.” The GN’R frontman revealed what he anticipated could cause problems but avoided: “With her, I’m in a very fortunate circumstance… Our thing expands and strengthens. You’ve had those moments when you butt heads and realize, ‘We butted heads over A, B, and C in the past for no reason; let’s stop butting heads, we’re all in this together.

‘” McKagan then expressed gratitude for having met his wife: “Fortune, fortune… You take a chance. Susan and I both did the proper things in life to be able to meet and then take advantage of the opportunity when we did. And that needs a little skill and luck.” During the same interview, the model revealed that they met when they both had a lot going on in their professions, but she insisted that it was the appropriate time. The couple has been married for over 20 years, and the rocker explained the reason for their continued love with the words: “I can’t seem to get enough of her.” I give myself a pinch. I’m quite fortunate. You’ll never have a bad time with her.” McKagan is now working on his solo album ‘Lighthouse,’ and he recently published the visualizer for the title tune. Listen to it down below.

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