Duff McKagan Announces New Album ‘Lighthouse,’ Release Date, and Title Track

Duff McKagan’s three-track EP, This Is the Song, released earlier this year, proving that there is light in the darkness. He’s discovered its source, a Lighthouse. Lighthouse, the third solo LP from Guns N’ Roses bassist Slash, is a contemplative release that finds the artist at his most vulnerable, soul-searching, and laying himself bare throughout 11 tracks. Today (June 14), he teased what’s to come by releasing the album’s title track alongside the announcement of his new work.

In a statement, McKagan described the release as “the crashing….the cresting waves, the falling through of all that surrounds you.” “Sometimes life throws us around, and we feel the need for comfort and the pull of home.” A ship tossed like a toy through the Cape, sails shredded, and the wood groaning from the scrape of its ballast….a soul attempting with all its may to find serenity and a center. Locate a lighthouse. “I have my lighthouse,” he continued, “her beacon swirling in the darkness with her warmth and promise of nurture, love, laughter, and everything that is true.” Will you not be my lighthouse, giving me light…and bringing me home?”

Lighthouse, the follow-up to 2019’s Tenderness, will be released on October 20. The project puts McKagan in good company, with a cast that includes his GN’R bandmate Slash, his longtime pal Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell, and the iconic Iggy Pop. See the track listing for the album below.
Track List
1. “Lighthouse”
2. “Longfeather”
3. “Holy Water”
4. “I Saw God on 10th St.”
5. “Fallen”
6. “Forgiveness”
7. “Just Another Shakedown”
8. “Fallen Ones”
9. “Hope” (feat. Slash)
10. “I Just Don’t Know” (feat. Jerry Cantrell)
11. “Lighthouse (Reprise)” (feat. Iggy Pop)

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