Due to his illness, Axl Rose formally cancels the Guns N’ Roses concert

The Guns N’ Roses concert originally scheduled for September 9 at Busch Stadium in St. Louis has lately been postponed. Axl Rose stated that the postponed performance was called off due to illness and that the alleged weak ticket sales had nothing to do with it. What Axl had to say about the cancellation is as follows: “The band and I am both really disappointed that we must postpone our performance in St. Louis. The past, the memories, coming back, and sharing that connection with our supporters. It’s awful. The artist didn’t expressly declare that the event was postponed because of his illness, but fans assumed as much given his recent health issues. He told the crowd in Saratoga Springs, New York, in the beginning of September that he was having difficulties with his singing since he had been frequently throwing up while getting ready for the performance.

A few days later, in Lexington, Kentucky, he told fans that he felt like he was becoming sick and that his voice “was fading.” Richard Fortus, a guitarist, also shared his thoughts about the postponement of his hometown performance on Facebook. He stated: “To all of my St. Louis pals from back home. Sadly, we were unable to secure a replacement date for us to perform at Busch Stadium that would benefit both the venue and ourselves. The band’s guitarist also debunked the rumors that surfaced after the band allegedly postponed a number of its gigs throughout the trip. Richard also said “I read this Fox 2 News article claiming that we had canceled’several fall shows.’ This is wholly untrue. For the record, we played 283 gigs on this tour and only one was cancelled or postponed.

Even if it’s in my hometown, let me just make it obvious that we take this extremely seriously. Fortus said that they are aware of the challenging circumstances some fans are in as a result of the band’s cancellation. But he did acknowledge that they are trying their hardest, saying: “We comprehend that a few folks purchased rooms or flights that might not be reimbursed. But because we are only human, there are occasions when our work is rendered impossible by illness. We appreciate your patience and hope to see you in St. Louis soon. The North American tour still has a number of concerts scheduled through early November, despite the cancellation of the St. Louis performance. More details about tickets are available here.

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