Doro Pesch Acknowledges That Lemmy Kilmister Saved Her Life

Doro Pesch recently discussed her career with Loudwire and told how metal music saved her life. She stated: “Oh, man, it saved my life numerous times.” I was quite upset one time since my father, whom I adore, had died. My father was really cool. He was a truck driver and my best buddy, and when he died after a long illness, I was just like, man, it hit me so hard and I wasn’t sure if I would go on, and then I got a phone call from Lemmy of Motorhead…” The rocker went on to say that Kilmister had made her an offer she couldn’t refuse: “We were always friends, and he called me one day after it happened, and I picked up the phone and said, ‘Hey man, I’m not doing so well.'” My father died just a few days ago.’ ‘Doro, I heard that,’ he said.

Let’s get together and do something.’ ‘I don’t know whether I want to do anything,’ I remarked, and he said, ‘Come, we do something, we do something at the studio.’ And a few weeks later, I travelled to Los Angeles to perform our first duet.” Pesch went on to describe her time with the Motörhead frontman: “My first duet was with Lemmy, and it was an old classic that I adore, ‘Love Me Forever,’ a Motorhead classic.” Then Lemmy composed another song, ‘Alone Again,’ and we recorded the two songs in the studio for weeks and weeks.” She went on to say: “He was unquestionably an angel to me.” He protected me and made sure I was in a good frame of mind, and we had some excellent conversations.” Although it has been several years since Lemmy died, the frontman appears to live on in the memory of his friends and peers; most recently, a tribute center was constructed in Kilmister’s honor, where his personal and stage attire was displayed. Visit this page for more information.

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