Don Henley’s First Response to Steely Dan’s Departure from the Eagles Tour

Although Steely Dan served as the opening act for The Eagles’ Long Goodbye tour, it appears that this is no longer the case, at least going forward. This most recent information was provided by none other than Don Henley, who spoke candidly on stage about Donald Fagen’s hospitalization on October 9 at the Eagles’ most recent performance in Indianapolis. Henley gave the audience an update on Fagen’s location and then made a brief statement regarding the situation and how it might influence the tour, saying: The performance must go on.

The production is actually moving along at full speed since Sheryl Crow was chosen by Henley and company as their opening act for the performances on October 5 and 6. Then, on October 9, Steve Miller substituted for Steely Dan as the opening act, and he is supposedly opening three additional shows. On September 20, Fagen and Steely Dan gave their final performance with the Eagles. Although the exact ailment the band’s vocalist is suffering from is unknown, COVID is a possibility given that five members of the road crew have tested positive in the past.

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