Dolly Parton Says What She Won’t Do at Dollywood, Despite Finding the Thought Tempting

Dolly Parton is a legend of country music. Her fame, nevertheless, extends beyond the country music industry and beyond. She has expanded into fashion, fragrances, pet attire, and so much more over the years. Nashville has bars run by a lot of other well-known musicians. Parton, on the other hand, chose a theme park close to her boyhood home in the Great Smoky Mountains. There is no location like Dollywood for family wishing to have fun in a relaxed setting. Parton has a sizable family as well. Because of this, some people could assume that she would close the park on occasion for family gatherings. That’s not the case, though. This was covered by the “I Will Always Love You” singer on a recent Taste of Country Nights show. Evan Paul, the host of the program, questioned Parton about if she and her husband Carl ever closed the park so they could have it to themselves. No, although I often consider doing that for my entire family, Parton replied.

Just for my family, including my nieces, nephews, grandkids, and all of my siblings and sisters. But she claimed that she simply cannot do that. It’s incredibly difficult to accomplish that because season ticket holders frequently come and go. It’s very difficult,” she said. We would most likely have to do it after work, and then it would be too late to have any fun. She can give the Parton family the next best thing, which is fortunate for them. We’ll probably simply proceed as we always do, using our free passes and our whatever-you-call-them tickets that allow us to sort of skip lines. However, Parton asserts that she dislikes cutting in line, even at her park. Instead, she claimed that she would be happy to wait in line like everyone else if she were to visit Dollywood. She won’t, however, go on any of the rides. As a result, the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer doesn’t really have a problem with the lines.

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