Dolly Parton Discusses Her Time Capsule Song

The Kelly Clarkson Show’s YouTube channel just re-uploaded segments from previous interviews, including one with Dolly Parton from a few months ago. Parton discussed a song she wrote for a time capsule in the video, as well as her concerns about the premise. She stated after verifying the song’s existence: “That has driven me insane because I have written a song that no one will hear until I’m 99 years old.” I may or may not be present, but when we built Dollywood [Amusement Park], we placed it in a time capsule that will be opened in the future. So I categorized everything that had to do with the times. I installed a cassette player and a CD player. I put everything in this box to see if it would maintain what, how we played those at the time.” The singer continued, expressing her views regarding the song: “I had to write this song that nobody was going to hear until then, and you have no idea how much it irritated me.” I want to go find it and think, ‘Well, I need to use that music because it’s very good.’ But, yes, I have a buried song that no one will hear till – I don’t know whose dumb idea that was.” The time capsule is now buried in Dollywood and will be uncovered when Parton reaches the age of 99 in 2045. As a result, she commented on the wait time by saying: “They weren’t expecting me to show up, and I doubt I will.

[Laughter] I’m just saying. Who knows, I might be there. But the point is, I believe there is a song that will probably disintegrate and that no one will ever hear. That is what irritates me. To believe it’ll be a melody no one will ever hear if it rots in there before they open it.” Similar sentiments were stated by the artist when she mentioned the secret song in her 2020 book, ‘Songteller: My Life In Lyrics.’ She expressed her concerns about burying it for the foreseeable future as follows: “It felt like burying one of my children, putting it on ice or something, and I won’t be there to see it resurrected.” I have to leave it in there because it’s just burning me up inside.” Dolly Parton continues to work on new projects while the capsule remains unopened. ‘Rockstar,’ her new album, will be released in November 2023. The album’s first song, ‘World on Fire,’ was released in May. You can hear it in the video embedded below.

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