Does Arnold Schwarzenegger find Kanye West’s antisemitism offensive?

Kanye West was also urged by Arnold Schwarzenegger to rethink his anti-Semitic viewpoints.

Antisemitism was recently denounced by Arnold Schwarzenegger in a video message.

Kanye West may have been the target of the message, according to some.

The 12-minute video against rising antisemitism in the US was shared online by the Terminator actor.

The hulking actor appeared to make a subtle jab at the controversial rapper in his video greeting, suggesting that the rapper’s career had been severely hampered by his anti-Semitic beliefs.

He said, “I want to speak to you before you find your regrets at the end of that journey because I’ve seen enough people toss away their futures for cruel views.

Ye and other anti-Semites reportedly received advice from the Predator actor as well.\\

“In other words, it’s simpler to pick a victim than to strive to improve things on our own, isn’t it? But let me be clear: At the end of that path, you will not find success.”

The Commando actor reflected on the “hateful ideology” burden that his father, a former Nazi soldier, carried and how he turned to alcohol to forget the “painful” past. “They were all broken,” he said.

The 75-year-old continued, “They fell for a lousy, loser worldview.

The famed actor reportedly extended an olive branch to the “cancelled rapper” and other like-minded people, though.

“Despite all the things we might differ on, I don’t give a damn what my buddies may say, including “Arnold, don’t talk to those people, it’s not worth it.” You matter to me. I believe you deserve it. I am aware that no one is flawless. I am aware of how easily prejudice and hatred can ensnare individuals.”

The outcasts were told that there was always a chance for redemption “Regardless of how far you’ve come, you still have the option to choose a strong life…

The battle against oneself is one that you must win.

The alternate route is simpler.

You don’t need to make any changes because everything in your life that makes you unhappy may be someone else’s fault.”

A new analysis from the anti-racism watchdog Anti-Defamation League highlights how West’s toxic anti-Semitic outbursts sparked dozens of anti-Semitic crimes around the country.

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