Do Kim Scott Mathers and Eminem’s Relationships Have Improved After Years Of Drama And Chaos?

Kim Scott Mathers and Eminem had a difficult relationship and divorced twice, and their relationship now appears to be totally different. Eminem’s rap music, from “Lose Yourself” to “My Name Is,” is among the most popular in the world. It’s incredible to think on the rapper’s life and career now that he’s 50 years old. It’s impossible to discuss the rapper without mentioning his tumultuous relationship with his ex-wife Kim Scott Mathers. The pair was married twice and went through years of misery before finally splitting up. It’s understandable that they struggled with their love for each other even after their divorce. Fans want to know more about Kim Scott Mathers and Eminem’s present condition now that they have been apart for many years. Here’s whether Kim Scott Mathers and Eminem have a better relationship now than they had before.

Do Eminem and Kim Scott Mathers Still Get Along? Eminem’s fans have been hearing nasty rumor after negative story regarding his relationship with Kim Scott Mathers for many years. There was a point when they seemed to have so many issues that it was impossible to predict that they would ever get along. However, there appears to be no proof that they are still arguing or that they are having difficulties with each other. Eminem and Kim are also parents to a daughter, born in 1995. Hailie Jade Scott Mathers discussed her youth on her podcast A Little Too Shady, as well as the amazing chances she had because to her father. This was heartwarming to hear because Eminem has always made it plain that he adores his daughter. Fans can assume that the former couple still communicates with one another when something concerning their daughter Hailie arises. However, Hailie is now 27 years old and lives independently away from her parents. Her parents do not need to discuss custody or any other relevant issues. However, Eminem and Hailie appear to be closer than Hailie and her mother. According to Page Six, Hailie’s fiance Evan McClintock stated on her podcast, Little Too Shady, that he spoke with Eminem to ensure that he was alright with McClintock proposing. He didn’t say anything about asking Mathers for approval.

According to the newspaper, Hailie and McClintock celebrated their engagement with a party in May 2023. Eminem and Kim Scott Mathers did not appear to be present, at least according to social media. It’s hard to tell if Hailie invited her parents, so fans can only speculate. However, because she has always had an excellent relationship with Eminem, it appears likely that she wanted him to be present and he was unable to do so. Kim Scott Mathers discussed Eminem on 20/20 in 2007 and stated that she had no bad thoughts toward the musician at the time. “I’m not trying to bash Marshall or make him look bad; I just want people to know that I, too, am a person,” she explained. “I’m trying to move on with my life.” If fans can deduce anything from the interview, it’s that Kim Scott Mathers wanted to put the past behind her. Kim hasn’t said anything in recent years that would suggest she is still furious with her ex-husband, implying that she bears no ill will toward Eminem now.

According to, she was living in the suburbs with her nephew, niece, and two children in 2007 and hoped to work as an interior designer. However, the situation between the ex-partners has not been warm and cordial. Kim also stated on the Detroit radio station WKQI-FM in 2007 that she disliked thinking about Eminem. It’s understandable that she harbors resentment for him. What Did Eminem Have to Say About His Ex-Wife Kim Scott Mathers? While fans are aware that Eminem has said some heinous things about Kim Scott Mathers in the past, most notably in his 2000 song “Kim,” he does not appear to want to discuss her today.

In truth, Eminem has always preferred to remain silent regarding Kim. Fans may believe that he is in a very difficult situation because of this. While he hasn’t expressed his current views toward his ex-wife, he did elect to have joint custody of Hailie Jade Scott Mathers in 2000. According to, Hailie moved in with her mother when she was little, but Eminem could still see her. While Eminem hasn’t talked much about his ex-wife in recent years, he has revealed some information about his dating life. This is something that many people have expressed an interest in learning more about. In a 2017 interview with Vulture, the rapper admitted to having a Tinder profile. He also stated that going on dates was challenging, explaining, “It’s tricky. I’ve had a few dates after my divorce, but nothing has worked out in a way that I’d like to make public. “Dating is just not where I’m at right now.”

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