Dino Jelusick Is Adamant About Refusing To Take David Coverdale’s Place In Whitesnake

Singer Dino Jelusick expressed his strong opposition to taking David Coverdale’s place in Whitesnake during a recent interview with Chris Akin Presents. In response to rumors that Dino was there to assist Coverdale with the lead vocals, Dino joined Whitesnake for their most recent European tour as a backing vocalist. The rock star gave the following explanation: As there has been no official confirmation of what everyone was speculating about, well… Furthermore, I had been hearing a lot of rumors from the back that I had been brought in to take [David’s] place. Although he never truly asked me, I had heard from a close friend that he was kind of considering it. I thus don’t want to state it because I learned that from a close source and I don’t want to state that. Jelusick went on to describe his response in the event that he were to request to take Coverdale’s place: To be honest with you, though, I would never want to replace David Coverdale as Whitesnake.

I don’t want to be that cute little guy who can sing David Coverdale songs. Being myself, I want to accomplish things on my own. I want to use my own tunes for it. The singer also discussed whether he believed Whitesnake should carry on without David: “If the band should disband because David Coverdale wishes to retire, then the band should disband because he wants to retire,”That way, you can find someone to take Steven Tyler’s position, someone to take Robert Plant’s place, and the bands can just keep on going. That’s not, in my opinion, the point. In July 2021, Coverdale announced the news of Dino’s joining Whitesnake on the band’s website. The message read as follows: “I am ecstatic to have Dino Jelusick, who is incredibly talented, join Whitesnake. Ever since we played in Zagreb two years ago, we’ve had our eyes and ears on him. He’s going to win your heart! On May 10, 2022, Whitesnake kicked off their farewell tour at Dublin, Ireland’s 3Arena. With opening act Europe and co-headliner Foreigner, their debut European tour set had fourteen songs. With this performance, Jelusick and bassist Tanya O’Callaghan made their stage debuts.

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