Details of the Vince Neil and former Mötley Crüe producer fabrications by Nikki Sixx

Rock producer Tom Werman clarified his experiences working with Mötley Crüe in the band’s early years in a recent interview with Artists On Record Starring ADIKA Live! He also discussed how his interactions with the band were portrayed in the Crüe biography, “The Dirt – Confessions Of The World’s Most Notorious Rock Band,” and its Netflix film adaptation. Werman acknowledged that the movie and book contained aspects of actuality, but he also pointed out that the bassist of the band, Nikki Sixx, had mischaracterized him and Vince Neil in another work of Sixx’s, “The Heroin Diaries”:

“[The book’s portrayal] was largely false. There are facts, but they are constantly distorted. And I was glad I wasn’t in that book or movie. I was disparaged by Nikki Sixx in “The Heroin Diaries.” He said nothing that I agreed with. We had different memories of the same events. He claimed that he ended up creating the majority of Vince’s voice. It’s untrue. other similar items. I was constantly on the phone, he claimed.

Additionally, he denied Sixx’s assertions and said that Sixx’s mental state at the time may have affected how he perceived the events: “You know, how did I get 23 gold and platinum albums if I was that bad? Or why didn’t they let me do a second and third record instead of firing me? Having done things is not simple. They shoot at you; they take shots. It’s not ideal, I admit that. Not that it was faultless. I went out with the guys. But since it was written by a heroin addict, “The Heroin Diaries” in particular was definitely inaccurate. It makes sense. The two had argued in front of the public before. When Werman wrote a letter to The New York Times in 2008 and Sixx replied, calling “The Heroin Diaries” “totally deluded” and “stunningly inaccurate,” Werman further responded by contesting Sixx’s memories.

Then, Nikki Sixx had said: “I’m sorry if he got his feelings hurt, but I feel that by keeping things out of the book that would have threatened Mr. Werman’s marriage and his job security with Elektra at the time, I did Mr. Werman a favor.”

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