Dee Snider Represents His Wish For AC/DC

Dee Snider recently reiterated his desire for AC/DC to perform at the Super Bowl on X, and this time it appears that he has some political clout on his side. Twisted Sister’s vocalist had previously initiated a petition to have AC/DC perform at halftime shows, and when a user noted to Snider on August 27 that the time had come for another petition, the rocker called out to his former collaborators: “Let me see if I can find that [petition].” Does anyone recall who I did it with? They do contact me on occasion, but their names escape me.

” Then, another user informed out that Nevada’s governor, Joe Lombardo, had expressed the similar desire for an AC/DC performance during the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII halftime show, and Dee appeared overjoyed: “I championed this for years and still do!” Let’s listen to the songs that will be played during the NFL Super Bowl halftime show.” With the governor’s backing, a hypothetical AC/DC engagement appears to be more than a desire, and only time will tell if both Lombardo and Snider’s wishes for the forthcoming games come true. Snider’s tweets are listed below.

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