DC fans claim that Pattinson’s Batman moves a lot faster than Bale’s Batman. Christian Bale’s Dark Knight gets utterly destroyed by Robert Pattinson’s Batman.

The Batman (2022) introduced us to Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of Batman, who has been keeping watch over Gotham from his grimy, dark “Batcave” for some time. The movie succeeds because of its cinematic shots and powerful social message. The plot is made more complex and multi-layered by the incorporation of social media and biblical references.

The discussion between Bale and Pattinson became louder every day after Pattinson’s portrayal of Batman was positively received by DC fans. Even now, almost a year after his debut, Pattinson’s Batman is still popular, while some people still support Bale’s Nolan-style Batman.

Some fans feel that Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of Batman would destroy the Dark Knight.

The Pattinson-portrayed crime-fighting hero hides in the shadows and waits for his adversaries to become vulnerable so he may capture them. In the first movie, the protagonist is leading two separate lives, which leads to an internal conflict that is exacerbated by outside factors like the Riddler and his very clever pranks.

He also possesses the physical strength to fend off the bad men who are pursuing him, bombing him, and firing at him. Although the acting and plot of Bale’s Batman were superior, Pattinson’s Batman would always prevail. Supporters of Robert Pattinson’s portrayal as Batman tweeted,

Many people believed that the movie was superior to the Dark Knight Trilogy shortly after its release. Batman played by Pattinson was more powerful, nimble, and grounded. In contrast to Bale’s Dark Knight, he was more of a hero and less of a God.

The Batman II script starring Robert Pattinson is currently being written.

The Batman II’s script is currently being worked on; Matt Reeves has hired Mattson Tomlin to write it. Working on the script is something Reeves revealed to Collider.

The sidekick who travels with the hero on his missions, Dick Grayson, has been invited to join the cast by both the director and the star. The most recent online speculations about Clayface appearing as one of the antagonists in The Batman II have surfaced. The news has not been confirmed or proven to be true, but it has the fans excited for the movie.

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