David Gilmour Reveals AI-Powered New Initiative

Recently, David Gilmour and The Orb announced a new initiative called “Metallic Spheres In Colour,” inviting fans to use Vermillio, an AI firm, to reinterpret the songs on Instagram. The band’s official page posted the following along with a video that promoted the idea: “Make use of AI’s power. Use AI-driven technologies to reimagine songs from our recently released album. As stated on the project’s official website, the band and the ex-member of Pink Floyd intend to incorporate the fan-generated artwork into their next song video. Fans can make album artwork by inputting their thoughts about the music modified from The Orb and Gilmour’s 2010 album, “Metallic Spheres,” using Vermillio’s new remixing capabilities. Based on the album cover, pace, and mood, the AI can also create customized renditions of the songs. In August, The Orb and Gilmour shared a joint Instagram post with Pink Floyd announcing their initiative. They employed AI to assist in re-recording and remixing parts of the original 2010 tracks before releasing it on September 29.

Martin “Youth” Glover, the album’s producer, stated that The Orb’s founder Alex Paterson was heavily involved in this new version, as per the early announcements: We had a mindset of making the music seem like the “Blade Runner” soundtrack meets “Wish You Were Here,” so Alex Paterson didn’t really have the chance to do as much on the initial version of “Metallic Spheres In Color.” I then urged him, “Why don’t we remix this and turn it into a classic Orb song?” And as a result, it sounds nearly entirely different on the album. A few weeks prior to the full album release, the official video for “Metallic Spheres In Colour: Movement 1 – Excerpt” was released. The video that Kavi Karnapura das made is available for viewing below.

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