David Gilmour Reacts to Roger Waters’ Controversial Polly Samson Remark

During his performance at The O2 Arena, Roger Waters made statements that drew attention to Polly Samson. In response, David Gilmour recently tweeted in support of his wife. On stage, the former Pink Floyd vocalist expressed his love for everyone, regardless of racial or religious background, with the exception of Samson. He made a note of her previous charge that he was ‘antisemitic to [his] rotten core,’ adding a notation to his statements. His exact words were as follows: “All I have to say about Polly Samson is this: imagine waking up to that every morning.” Shortly later, Gilmour took to Twitter, sending a photo of his wife with a remark connected to his former bandmate’s comments: “As always, it’s a pleasure to wake up to!” Following her husband’s answer, the lyricist provided additional background, notifying their fans about the current predicament.

She tweeted a video of Waters’ show and thanked the person who sent it: “Solidarity with Polly Samson and David Gilmour, who have acted decency and integrity throughout this scandal.” Polly Samson was among the first to respond to the former Pink Floyd member’s comments against the Israeli government and the Russia-Ukraine conflict. She called him a’megalomaniac’ as well as an antisemite, which drew outrage from his supporters, with some resorting to antisemitic slurs. In one case, a person posted about Jewish people: “They’ve been expelled 1,030 times (that we know of) for crimes such as usury, corruption, theft, ritual murder of children, genital mutilations, and so on, but they now operate globally with impunity.” “Who exactly are ‘they?'” Samson responded as follows: “I’ve been getting filth like this every day since calling out Roger Waters’ antisemitism.” It’s heinous, but I don’t regret it because being a bystander would be far worse.

” The controversy elicited replies from other business heavyweights. Among those who spoke out against Waters’ remarks were David Draiman and Alex Skolnick. While Skolnick chose to separate the art from the artist in his reply, Draiman was harsh in his critique, labeling the singer a ‘antisemitic piece of sh-t.’ You may see Roger Waters’ video and read David Gilmour’s tweet below.

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