David Ellefson Regarding Metallica Rule “Unspoken” by Dave Mustaine in Megadeth

Former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson discussed the strain the band members experienced and their unwritten “Metallica rule” in a recent interview with Tulsa Music Stream. Ellefson made reference to the acrimonious relationship that Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine had with Metallica for many years. “Hey, I was just kind of kidding when I said that. You wouldn’t wear a Metallica shirt to a soundcheck in the other band I played in. Really, believe me. And all the band members would say, “Oh, yeah,” to anyone who’s been even remotely near to that. No way in hell would you be sporting a Metallica tee. Ellefson spoke of his sense of newfound leisure when discussing his post-Megadeth professional period. He stated as follows: Completely. 100% of the time. Again, I don’t want to get into all of that again, but definitely. I truly feel like I have more freedom now. Days after the bassist’s obscene video footage and sexually suggestive messages appeared on the social media platform X, Ellefson was let go from Megadeth in May 2021.

After two years away from the band, David Ellefson has recently engaged in several exchanges that Metallica fans have taken notice of. He revealed on social media earlier this year that he had been to one of Metallica’s M72 shows. Ellefson said that he had previously seen Metallica live in an interview with the Mike Nelson Show. Says he: “I’ve seen Metallica live every time. I recall taking Dave [Mustaine] to watch them perform at the “Kill ‘Em All For One” concert with Raven. And we saw them perform at the Country Club in Los Angeles, where we were living at the time. I’m like, “Fuck.” Alright. This concludes it. Dave Ellefson shared another memorable memory at a Metallica concert. “So, see, Metallica pioneered the way and smashed down the walls. I went down to see Metallica when we were recording Countdown To Extinction; I believe it was five nights at the Forum in Los Angeles. I descended to have a look at them. And I recall that when I returned the following day to the studio, producer Max Norman said something like, “So how was it, mate?” I then uttered, “You know what? I will not lie.

It was just fantastic. Ellefson frequently discussed the profound influence Dave Mustaine had on the Megadeth members after he left the band. He said in a further section of his conversation with Mike Nelson that he was hesitant to disclose to Dave Mustaine that he attended Metallica concerts. Says he: Furthermore, I recall that I was hesitant to tell Dave that I had gone to see Metallica. I also recall that Max, the producer at the time, told me to tell him the truth. Tell them they’re fucking awesome, please. Like, let’s just fuck off. Come on, let’s be as amazing as Metallica. “Well, you don’t have to be in a band every day,” I said. All you’re doing is creating a record with us. The entire interview is available to watch here.

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