David Coverdale wished some Vandenberg songs had been written by Whitesnake

With the release of Vandenberg’s new album ‘Sin’ scheduled for August 25, Adrian Vandenberg recently discussed its substance with TotalRock. The discussion turned to the impact of Whitesnake’s sound on Vandenberg’s music, prompting the guitarist to recall some comments made by David Coverdale. When the interviewer asked Adrian if he thought Whitesnake fans would enjoy the new album, he replied: “I certainly hope so because, you know, I’ve been a fan of Whitesnake since before I joined them, and we’ve made some pretty cool music together over the years.

” that’s interesting you brought that up because when the ‘2020’ album came out, many people said, ‘Well, it sounds at least as much like Whitesnake as Vandenberg.’ Yes, it’s called Vandenberg, but they forget I was in Whitesnake for nearly thirty years, and early Vandenberg days were only four years. It would be really strange if it had no effect on it.” The guitarist went on to discuss Coverdale’s music preferences as follows: “Also, when I first joined Whitesnake, David told me, ‘Vandenberg has a couple of songs on them Vandenberg albums that I wish we could have done for Whitesnake.'” ‘Your Love Is In Vain,’ ‘Burning Heart,’ ‘Wait.’ Vandenberg’s songs could all be Whitesnake tunes.

That’s why David and I always […] have a connection when we’re writing tunes together.” On the other hand, the two musicians have occasionally differed on Whitesnake’s sound and music. Vandenberg discussed the conflict in an interview with EonMusic a year after the band published ‘Restless Heart’ in 2021. To express his satisfaction with the new version, he stated: “Yeah, a little.” The problem was that we couldn’t agree on where it should go. So Joel [Hoekstra] quadrupled the rhythms I did for the album to spice it up a bit.

” After joining the band in 1987, Adrian Vandenberg co-wrote all of the songs on the ‘Slip of the Tongue’ and ‘Restless Heart’ albums with Coverdale. Whitesnake is currently waiting to resume its farewell tour, which was canceled in 2022 due to health difficulties.

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