Dave Mustaine thinks former bandmates lie to the media

Fans have debated Megadeth’s membership changes throughout the years, and when a band decides to cut people from their lineup, it’s easy for rumors or fake news to spread. Dave Mustaine recently addressed this issue involving the band’s former members and asserted that they gossip for the media. Although it could appear that the bandmates had conflicts and broke up because of them, this hasn’t been the case. He clarified why it appeared they had issues following the dismissal of the members: “I believe you need to consider the entire narrative. Rarely are fired individuals glad about their dismissal. Sometimes they are relieved to have been let go since they needed an excuse to leave but didn’t want to have to leave their jobs. According to Mustaine, the former bandmates were close friends and rarely had arguments. He went on: There are a few who are very bitter, but we’ve had many people play with us over the years, and we’ve maintained our friendships. Usually, the story is played out in the press from when it actually occurs and then how long a person will keep bringing up those old stories. The band’s frontman asserted that these allegations only ever appear to surface when new ventures are announced.

He was quite clear about not allowing others to criticize their performances: “Usually, whenever they have a new project, some gigs coming up, or a new record, they attempt to provoke a conflict with me by bringing up things about me or Megadeth. And I just reason that a dog without of teeth howls the loudest. Therefore, I don’t really let individuals who criticize us or say negative things about how we perform or the songs we write matter. Mustaine stated that he got along well with the majority of the former band members and even mentioned a few that he misses, like Chuck Behler, Nick Menza, Gar Samuelson, and Chris Poland. The rock star applauded Jeff Young’s performance abilities as well. Mustaine said that he still gets along well with the most of his ex-bandmates and that he recently played with Marty Friedman: The Rust In Peace lineup featuring Nick and Marty Friedman is the ideal lineup, according to everyone. You can see Marty and I are acting because we recently played together. Therefore, you must turn to face the men who are disparaging me and say, “Okay, there’s more to this story.

” Because I’m sure Jimmy DeGrasso, Al Pitrelli, or any of those men would agree that we had a terrific run together if you approached them. According to the leader, there are only one or two people who would criticize the band, and he is positive that they would only criticize him and not the other band members. Added him: “There are a lot of individuals that dislike Megadeth or myself who don’t even know who I am. And while I find that amusing, it also makes me sad since I don’t want to miss out on any truly excellent music. Although it appears that the band members get along well, Jeff Young recently said that Mustaine spreads lies and inaccurate information about the other band members, and in a different interview, he called the frontman a “pathological liar.” You may see the most current interview down below.

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