Dave Mustaine Remembers Being Flattered By Robert Fripp of King Crimson

Recently, Dave Mustaine spoke with Ultimate Guitar and described how Robert Fripp praised him and the guitar style he used with Megadeth. The rocker began by describing which Megadeth guitar solos he was most proud of, saying: “Well, ‘Holy Wars’ is fantastic, as are some of the other tracks, including ‘Tornado of Souls.’ Take “Countdown” and “Rust in Peace” off. Simply put, it depends. Some songs just have a particularly positive vibe and attitude, while others can be played anywhere. A very forceful guitar tune is “Architecture of Aggression.” Added him: “Of course, the usual suspects: “Hangar 18” ‘Symphony of Destruction’ is a large song, yet most people don’t really think of it as a big guitar tune.

The guitarist then discussed how legendary King Crimson guitarist Fripp praised his playing and which Megadeth song the rocker favored: “Guitar playing has evolved throughout the years, using a range of different techniques… Most recently, Robert Fripp, a guitarist I much admired, had heard “Holy Wars” and made a really kind comment about it. Mustaine went on to explain his own admiration for Fripp and the significance of his ‘compliments’ to him: “I was flattered because I’ve always felt Mr. Fripp was a very great guitarist. We’re talking about a level beyond what most guitarists can even aspire to achieve. I was honored that he found ‘Holy Wars’ to have an intriguing framework after hearing it.

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