Dave Mustaine Explains Why He Refuses To Discuss Metallica

Megadeth leader Dave Mustaine spoke with Rock Antenne about the band’s future intentions. The rocker stated why he no longer talks about Metallica at one point in the discussion. Since leaving his former band, the frontman has been asked countless times about his former colleagues. This was one of the most recent occasions he was asked about his former band, but in a different way. He was asked if he ever gets tired of addressing Metallica inquiries. Mustaine’s response was as follows: “I don’t talk much about my time with Metallica. I never bring it up. So, if someone brings it up, I’ll address the question, but I don’t typically bother. Because I think it creates the appearance that I need to talk about them in order to feel good about myself. And I don’t — I really don’t.” The rocker stated unequivocally that he does not rely on past occurrences and expressed his current feelings: “I feel good about myself simply because I feel good about myself.” It has nothing to do with other bands I’ve been in.

And if it true, I would say that of the three bands I was in, I enjoyed Panic and Megadeth more than Metallica because we fought a lot.” The Megadeth leader discussed how he accepted his departure from the band and his initial reaction: “I had a great time playing with those guys, but it was only for a season.” And I remember that period with great pleasure. I didn’t used to because I was still devastated from losing my job, but now I know that everything happens for a purpose, no matter what, and whether I was still in that group or not was out of my hands. And once I embrace those… Acceptance is the key to solving all of my current challenges.” He came to the conclusion: “If there’s something going on in my life that I can’t change, and I waste my time wasting energy and effort trying to change something I can’t change, man, you’re going to go insane.” So I’ve chosen to seek out the happier aspects of life.” Last year, the Megadeth vocalist said that he and James Hetfield were planning to collaborate on a project, which, according to Mustaine, was the last time they communicated.

This year, in March, Mustaine addressed the issue once more, saying that his connection with not only Hetfield, but also Lars Ulrich, is better than it has been in a long time. Although it seems unlikely that the two bands will work on something together and reunite to share the same stage again, Mustaine has stated that he would love to share the stage with them again since their performance with ‘The Big Four.’ Below is an interview with Rock Antenne.

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