Dani Filth Says New Cradle Of Filth Song Sounds Like Ed Sheeran: ‘People Loved It’

You might have heard about Cradle Of Filth’s ambitions to collaborate with Ed Sheeran in 2023. Fans will have to wait until 2025 to hear the track, but it will not be commercially released. In a recent interview with Pełna Kulturka, lead singer Dani Filth revealed new details regarding the recording process for the upcoming studio album. When asked if the album would have any surprises, he replied: “One of the surprises, obviously, but it’s not that surprising, is that we have a song with Ed Sheeran on it. It will be on the CD. And people have heard and enjoyed it. However, it is just as you would expect: Cradle of Filth and Ed Sheeran. It sounds like Ed Sheeran and Cradle of Filth. There’s a killer beat in there.”

He then stated that the planned record would not be commercially released: “I think the CD will surprise a lot of people. However, this does not necessarily imply that the album is commercial. It’s an extremely heavy record. We just improved our game as a band. We took one step forward from our prior record. We consider everything as an evolution, an evolutionary stride, and a vital link in the chain.”

He went on to express how important this next album is to him: “And this album will be a significant record for us – our first for Napalm Records, excluding, obviously, the live record. But, yes, we’re looking forward to this year. And there is no rush. We have plenty of shows. But expect the first single around September or October.”

Sheeran Is A ‘Massive’ Cradle of Filth Fan.
Filth first mentioned the potential of collaborating with Sheeran during an interview on Kerrang! Radio’s ‘Breakfast Show’ during the 2021 Bloodstock Open Air festival in the United Kingdom. While talking about the job, he mentioned that Sheeran was a major fan of his. “I’ve been emailing with [Ed]. He genuinely followed up with me. I’ve been asked up to his apartment. He suggested he could come down to mine, but I told him that I don’t own my own bar or village, so it would be better if I went there. He stated he would do anything. Quite literally. He claimed he is a huge fan. “He appears to be a genuinely nice guy.” Not only that, but over the course of two years, Filth and Sheeran bonded and became close friends, drawn together by the pop singer’s love of not only Cradle Of Filth but also Slipknot.

The Collaboration is ‘Not An Irony’
Naturally, the cooperation was surprising given the two performers’ vastly different musical styles. Sheeran invited Filth to his home in the summer of 2021 to collaborate. When Filth understood Sheeran’s genuine passion in making music together, they started working on a song. However, Sheeran’s priorities shifted following the birth of his new child, resulting in a delay. Filth later stated that their collaboration is not ironic because they both embrace ‘the marriage of the extremes.’ Filth acknowledged their distinct perspectives on the musical spectrum, stating that the disparity gives excitement and satisfaction to the cooperation. You may view the interview below.

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