Dani Filth Responds to Money Collaboration Claims With Ed Sheeran

Dani Filth, frontman of Cradle Of Filth, revealed details about their impending collaboration with Ed Sheeran. Filth recently confirmed in an interview that the two musicians have been working on their song for about a year, and it is set to be released this summer. He also revealed that they will not profit financially from the song, which will be released as a charity single. During the Louder Sound interview, the frontman provided an update on the song and described how it will sound to the audience. He stated: “Ed has completed all of his roles. I’m only responsible for the bass and vocals. If you envision Ed Sheeran collaborating with Cradle Of Filth, this is exactly how it will sound. On it, he plays acoustic guitar, but it’s heavy: there’s a blastbeat in there. It’s a little bit of everything.

” Many people appear to have assumed that the two were collaborating on the song for financial gain. Filth clarified the confusion by saying: “The plan is to release it as a charity single because, first and foremost, everyone assumed we were doing it for money, and we wanted to disprove that.” We’re trying to have it out this summer.” Over the course of two years, they have bonded and become close friends, according to the frontman. The two were linked by the pop singer’s love of both Cradle Of Filth and Slipknot. Furthermore, Sheeran acknowledged in an earlier interview that he has long been a fan of the band. The song’s release date has yet to be confirmed. Cradle Of Filth’s latest single, ‘She Is A Fire,’ is available now and may be heard below.

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