Damon Johnson On Recognizing Gary Rossington’s Impending Death

During an interview with Gas Masks and Hand Grenades, Damon Johnson discussed the warning indicators of Gary Rossington’s deteriorating health before to his death in March. It seems that the guitarist’s failing health became obvious at a critical juncture. Johnson brought up the fact that the guitarist had been holding onto music while talking about how he’d noticed signs that his failing health was growing worse. Johnson declared: “Gary’s health had been in doubt when he died away in March, but all he wanted was to continue playing. That was exactly his desire. The rocker talked about how he had to step in for Rossington in 2021 when the COVID-19 epidemic was still going strong, before taking up Gary’s position permanently after his death.

Even though Rossington enjoyed performing live with Lynyrd Skynyrd, his failing health prevented him from attending the gigs. As Johnson noted: They phoned in 2021 [but] he was unable to attend these days, and at this point, everyone is attempting to flee [because to] COVID. Since every band’s scheduled gigs had been canceled, it was an honor and a delight for me to be able to cover one of my main guitar influences. I already knew Gary, and I had an immediate crush on him. The entire interview is available to view here.

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