Crispin Dye’s cold case may finally be solved thanks to new evidence

The Guardian recently reported that new forensic evidence in Crispin Dye’s murder has been discovered. Dye was celebrating the release of his debut solo record when he was attacked in Sydney at 4.30 a.m. on December 23, 1993. The assailant, or assailants, had stolen the former AC/DC manager’s wallet, according to authorities at the time. Crispin’s murder was initially attributed with criminals on the street. However, following speculations suggested that it could have been the product of a hate crime, as the late manager was bisexual. Although the authorities offered monetary rewards for any information, the case went cold until a forensic investigation team discovered blood-soaked garments Dye was wearing during the incident. The DNA found on Dye’s shirt linked a previously unknown person to the case, as experts showed that the police had never sent Crispin’s shirts or jeans for forensic processing.

Meg O’Brien, the counsel helping the investigation, even commented on the new material, saying: “It is clearly unsatisfactory that this evidence has been lying untouched for nearly 30 years without being discovered or tested.” However, it was also alleged that the new person of interest died in the late 2002s, leaving detectives and police with no way to question the suspect. However, the forensic team did more than just examine the blood-soaked clothing. They are also continuing to examine the denim Dye was wearing during the attack, as well as the two pieces of paper discovered in the rocker’s shirt, in the hopes that these could give light on the 30-year-old cold case and eventually uncover who was responsible for Crispin’s murder.

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