Credits for Keith Richards Mick Jagger Will Make His First Record Without Charlie Watts

In a recent interview, the Rolling Stones discussed their new upcoming album. The band was at the premiere of their new album, ‘Hackney Diamonds,’ and AP Archive asked them numerous questions. Keith Richards mentioned during the Q&A that Mick Jagger encouraged them to record without the late drummer Charlie Watts. Richards stated: “Somethings just happen.” And I believe it was because we were on the road at the time, and Mick said, ‘It’s time, if we’re going to do one, let’s do it now.’ So we blitzkrieged this one. It’s a rush of energy. I understand that when you have a singer that wants to sing, you take him and hurl him in the studio. That’s possibly why there was no particular now, or that’s just what happened. “I mean, the Stones are strange, aren’t they?” Mick Jagger was asked if the absence of Watts on the drums had been bittersweet. The frontman responded, saying: Yes, it was difficult, but as we recall, we had already done two tours with him, so going to the studio was a continuation of that. And you’d think to yourself, “Oh, what would Charlie play on that?” But, you know, you can’t really go there.” He then expressed his love for their new drummer, Steve Jordan, and compared his drumming to that of the late drummer: “And the drummer is Steve Jordan, and he’s like, he’s very special like Charlie.

” So he plays what I guess he imagines Charlie would play to some extent while yet being his own guy. And you must be your own man. And he, he sounds wonderful on this song, although he does play certain licks that sound similar to Charlie’s. In any case.” Richards stated that Jordan blessed the late drummer and went on to say: “Charlie gave Steve Jordan his blessing, so when he passed, we were surprised. We were prepared in some ways because he passed the bat to Steve Jordan, and Steve is flying the flag for Charlie so effectively that when they go behind the kit, they’re both like explosives.” The band previously revealed details about the next album, as well as their thoughts on releasing new music without Watts for the first time. The album was recorded this year, according to Jagger, although they had two tracks from 2019 that Charlie was on that they decided would fit in the album. Watts had already recorded them, and the album will be the band’s first in 18 years. The interview is embedded below.

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